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RELV – / relv /  noun:  From the Estonian language meaning ‘Weapon’.  Our tagline is WEAPONIZED CAMOUFLAGE and the logo is the RELV Blade.


We design ‘WEAPONIZED CAMOUFLAGE’ solutions.  RELV patterns present with an aesthetic that transcends the camouflage patterns currently found in the Outdoor, Fashion, Hunting, and Tactical markets.  We utilize proven graphic design principles and creative muscle. We strive for unique style, and effective concealment solutions for the field. 


RELV LLC was founded on Aug 1, 2017.  RELV is owned by Curt Liddle, a professional Designer and Creative Director, with over 24 years of experience.  His portfolio includes work for the United States Army, the United Stated Navy, SpaceX, Toyota, Disney, Microsoft, Hasbro, Bell Textron, Electronic Arts and many more.



Please Note: Once custom orders are in production, all order changes including cancellations and returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. No exceptions.


The Circadian Pro Hammock is our modular bug net camping hammock, featuring an elongated symmetrical gathered-end design that allows you to lay comfortably in any direction.  The body is built with a single layer of durable nylon fabric specially woven to feel soft to the touch, unlike most that tend to feel synthetic and plastic like.  Our proprietary material features a unique hexagonal ripstop that minimizes stretch to maximize your ability to lay flat (similar to your bed). The Pro Hammock’s body is finished with rolled hems on all four sides, and the suspension channels are quadruple stitched for added durability. All of our hammocks come fully equipped with a series of hardware for added utility including tie-outs, underquilt stabilization and application with our line of hammock accessories.  Enjoy protection from pesky mosquitoes with it's zippered bug net made from ultralight yet highly durable mesh that allows for superior visibility from inside your hammock. What makes this lay flat hammock's bug net unique is that it is fully removeable, allowing for future application of other modular accessories specifically designed to integrate with the Circadian Pro Hammock. Featuring four YKK separating zippers that allow egress from either side of the hammock, as well as easy access to personal items stationed outside yet within arms reach.  A mesh stuff sack is conveniently attached internally for easy storage of the bug net and other accessories.  The entire hammock stows in