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RELV – / relv /  noun:  From the Estonian language meaning ‘Weapon’.  Our tagline is WEAPONIZED CAMOUFLAGE and the logo is the RELV Blade.


We design ‘WEAPONIZED CAMOUFLAGE’ solutions.  RELV patterns present with an aesthetic that transcends the camouflage patterns currently found in the Outdoor, Fashion, Hunting, and Tactical markets.  We utilize proven graphic design principles and creative muscle. We strive for unique style, and effective concealment solutions for the field. 


RELV LLC was founded on Aug 1, 2017.  RELV is owned by Curt Liddle, a professional Designer and Creative Director, with over 24 years of experience.  His portfolio includes work for the United States Army, the United Stated Navy, SpaceX, Toyota, Disney, Microsoft, Hasbro, Bell Textron, Electronic Arts and many more.



  • Orders placed on or after 8/17/2022 ship in approximately 2-3 weeks.  Lead times are estimated and subject to change without notice.  If you have a deadline, please let us know when placing your order.



  • Once custom orders are in production, all order changes including cancellations are subject to a 20% restocking fee. No exceptions.


Lightweight and durable with minimal stretch, our Quest Tarp's silicone impregnated ripstop polyester fabric 1.1 oz / yd² (20D) will keep you out of the elements.  This durable hex Silypoly hammock tarp system is both water and windproof, and resists the retention of water much better than traditional nylon tarps. Reinforced with 210D Polyester, all tie outs are built with grosgrain, and come standard featuring 1/2" Beastee D-Rings on the 4 perimeter tie outs and 3/4" Beastee D-Rings on the ridgeline tie outs. We also offer the option to upgrade all of the Quest Tarp's tie outs with LineLoc3 tension hardware to create a knot free set up! If you choose to upgrade to LineLoc3 hardware, we highly suggest adding two of our Titanium Clips to the ridgeline to completely eliminating the need for knots.  We also provide an option to add a single panel pull out on each side of the Quest Silypoly hammock tarp.  When used, panel pull outs can provide additional room underneath the tarp.  We provide a free seam sealing kit, standard with each order to waterproof the tarp. 


Guylines do not come standard with our tarps. However, we do offer discounted hanks of our reflective guyline in combination with any tarp purchase! Simply select your desired hank length and color for instant savings.
75'   : 20% off MSRP 
100' : 25% off MSRP  



  • 73 inches

Ridgeline Length

  • 132 inches (11 ft)
  • 144 inches (12 ft)


  • 114 inches (measured from middle of baseline)

Tie outs

  • 2 ridgeline
  • 4 perimeter


  • 12.38 ounces (11 ft)
  • 13.64 ounces (12 ft)


  • 20 denier silpoly (1.1oz/yd²)
  • 1500 mm head pressure

The RELV Quest